Child-Centered Home Adventure

Well, I realized that the posts I had been making over the last few months have been lost in the world of cyberspace. The post below is all that remains which is interesting as it starts from the first day when we went to distance-learning. Reading back on our intentions, we definitely remained child-centered, but the implementation varied from amazing to chaotic and from fun to frustrating. We’re preparing for our next step of hybrid distance-learning and home-schooling. I feel both more prepared and more inspired. Simultaneously, I feel more overwhelmed as I’m now familiar with the relentless stress of quarantines in pandemics with four little ones. Follow along for the adventure… no guarantees on what you might get.

Today the kids named our family school “The Happy Learners School” and apparently we’re in the “Happy Hoppers” class. I’m not sure what other classes are happening that I don’t know about, but I imagine their covert lessons will include some unexpected messes. 🤣

I asked the kids what they want to learn about and I got a variety of interesting answers:
“Stars and the shapes they make”
“Elves and how glitter comes out of them when they fly”
“Things that have horns. Things that have wings. You know, flying unicorns”
“Ice skating. How to twirl and jump without breaking the ice”
“Read all of Molly Moon”
“Fairies. Pink ones that sparkle. And what do they eat”
“Learn to put shoes on”
“Paint a picture of everything we learn about”
“Learn how to take care of a dog and a unicorn”

It might be easier to print out worksheets for the week, but it looks like we’re in for a beautiful, mythical adventure. I imagine we’ll be building houses, writing stories, choreographing dances, painting, twirling and reading. And a lot of things yet to be decided or discovered. Each kiddo has a new friend to meet in the morning and the leprechaun might sneak in an adventure this week too.

Rainbow Pasta: Easy Summer Fun

Rainbow pasta for the win! 🌈😍

Elodie’s school is amazing and the Specials teachers lead an activity each Wednesday during the summer. Today was a rainbow pasta project which: gave us something to look forward to, something to do, and something to eat.

Win! Win! Win!

It was pretty simple.

1. Make pasta.
2. Cool it off to stop the cooking.
3. Mix food coloring and a little water in a bag.
4. Add pasta and mix it around.


Here’s a link to the gel food coloring we used that gives that extra bright color:

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