Frozen in Time

I woke up inspired and started searching through my documents to see where I left off with my last big passion project. Had it been a month? A year? I was both surprised and entirely *not* surprised to find out that I had last opened the documents exactly one pandemic ago. The files sat gathering virtual dust since March 12th, 2020.

I had planned to release a guide to the best San Diego family spots at the start of Summer 2020. It was to be a guide for both local and tourist families to make the most of the countless gems that San Diego has to offer- hikes, museums, farms, parks, restaurants, classes, secret spots, and more. 100 places were selected to create a magical summer.

Now I’m sorting through what the virus has done to our community. Places closed, hours changed, dreams destroyed.

And yet, there is still so much thriving in our beautiful city. As we all begin to put our toes back in the water, both figuratively and literally, I’m excited to begin anew. To rekindle the passion of sharing all the special spots and favorite getaways. I’m shooting to release the the completed project by Father’s Day once all the locations have had time to adjust to the June 15th loosened public health requirements.

I hope you’ll be here with me to celebrate the launch of this next stage of Wondertivities fun!